As an authorised Casio dealer in South Africa, My Casio World’s Casio Watches are tough, durable, reliable and tech savvy. Casio Watches signature cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship are consistent across their impressive line of watches. From classic designs to contemporary styles, Casio watches are designed to remain as top of the range watches with advanced technical features such as:

  • Global Time Zones

  • Thermometer Features

  • Dictionary Functions

  • Solar Powered

  • Radio-controlled Technology

  • Water Resistant

  • Shock Resistant

  • Moon Graph

  • Tide Data Display


Casio Watches for Every Occasion

Casio watches come in an array of designs and styles to suit every taste and application; from business to adventure, to sport and endurance. Casio watches enter at competitive prices and with a touch of class that can only be gained in time with respect and acknowledgement for the time-keeping industry. My Casio World won’t disappoint with our range of Casio watches for men, women and children.

G Shock:  Casio’s G shock watch is the ultimate tough watch, built with uncompromising passion. It’s water resistant, shock resistant and let’s not forget, stylish.

Edifice: The Casio Edifice is a sporty, classic, metal analogue watch that provides ultimate versatility from the boardroom to the ballpark and everything in between.

Baby G: Casio’s Baby G watches are known for their sleek designs, don’t let the looks of this not so delicate watch deceive you. Fashion and function meet with the vibrant, bold and stylish Baby G collection. Water-resistant and tough.

Protrek Adventure: As the name hints, the Casio Protrek watch is ideal for the adventurer, the thrill seeker and simply to make a statement. This watch is as tough as they come and able to sustain any terrain.

Outgear: If you are an enthusiast of nature, hunting and/or fishing the Casio Outgear is the perfect fit. You can’t go wrong when being fully equipped with moon graphs and tidal data wrapped up in a stylish, classy exterior.

Please us a message if you need any assistance with picking out one of our Casio watches.


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